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here is no doubt that better positioning (ranking) of your online store than the competition is necessary. But what does it take to get your online store to the top of Google or even to the first place?

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SEO activities (services) for an ecommerce webiste

Increasing the authority of your online store directly means increase in sales

Results driven SEO optimization for eCommerce websites

Our SEO experts, designers and developers always adapt to your needs


Coded and designed according to SEO and UX/UI rules


Compliance of the code and design with SEO rules and with the preferences of the target group are one of the most important parameters of any e-shop.

Whether you are just starting out with a new eCommerce store or improving the position of an existing one, our agency guarantees you a completely personalized approach and an increase in sales and conversions.

In 2011, a search engine reported that a research study by Optify found that “websites ranked first achieved an average clickthrough rate (CTR) of 36.4 percent; number two had a clickthrough rate of 12.5 percent; and number three had a clickthrough rate of 9.5 percent. ”
Another study by Gabe Donnini from Marketing Land supported Optify’s findings. It showed that “the share of impressions from the first position is almost twice as high as that for the second position, which really illustrates the value it has in the first place.”

What does this actually mean?

If you don’t have a strong SEO strategy, you lose on impressions, clicks and conversions. If you are not on the first page of Google, you practically do not exist for the target group of users.

SEO optimization of an eCommerce website

SEO optimization of an eCommerce store is one of the key factors that guarantees success on the Internet.

SEO optimization of an eCommerce store is a specialized service that is done in a completely different way than the optimization of ordinary sites or news portals. This is a special category and one of the most difficult ones, primarily due to the number of pages that must be optimized. Our agency is specialized in this type of optimization and has many years of experience.

In cooperation with you, we will come up with the design you want, and still adapt everything to SEO rules that must be followed. When creating an online store or changing the design of an existing online store, it is important to pay attention to several things:

When deciding what your online store will look like, consider whether the chosen theme suits the type of product you are selling (although the design suggestions offered by SEO Rocketman are industry-specific, it does not necessarily mean that the design will suit your preferences. We come to solutions together by listening to your requirements and respecting SEO and UI/UX rules.
Be sure where to place the logo and message that sends. The logo you place should be on a transparent background or with a background that is identical to the color of the selected design. Pay attention to the dimensions of the logo, the dimensions must correspond to the standard dimensions for the logo (for example, if the intended space is a horizontal rectangle, it is recommended that the logo you set be of the same shape and orientation).
Choice of colors – no matter what design you choose, you can always change the color palette of your online store. Choose a color palette that matches the colors of your company.
Pay special attention: to the quality of the photos, carefully choose the messages you send to the public and use fonts that match your design well.
The way the product is presented is the key to good financial results. Use quality and professionally taken photos of the products you sell, and if you don’t have them, invest a little time and money, the effort will pay off many times over.

SEO optimization an eCommerce store client

When optimizing an online store, one of the most important things is the link juice. Properly distributed link juice allows you to index all important pages in your eCommerce store. The pictures below show what a non-optimized page looks like. (report is taken from SEO tool Sitebulb). has over 2500 products on its offer and with this schedule, only the home page and individual products are indexed. About 2000 products and category pages are not indexed, making these pages and products virtually invisible to Google.

What does this mean?

Why did this happen?

Due to the indexing of unnecessary pages, the site spent its crawling budget. The crawling budget has every eCommerce store and each site separately and depending on the strength of the brand on the Internet this number is growing. The crawling budget is the number of pages that Google crawls. The estimated budget of pages up to 1 year of site age is about 1500 pages per domain. However, if you do not give commands in the code what will be indexed and when, the entire crawling budget could be spent on the filter combinations. This case was also with our client In the image below, you see a report from the Sitebulb tool that shows that currently, the number of pages that our client has is 5.6 thousand. And the number of pages that has is actually around 2650.

What is the problem?

Due to the combination of filters, our client has on the online store, another 2,500 unnecessary pages have been created, which Google indexes before certain categories and products. As a result, this online store is not a candidate for any keyword category or product, in layman’s terms you can’t find through most of its categories or products but just by typing their URL. Due to this and all other problems, the SEO rating of the site is small, only 35. The SEO rating of the site must not be less than 70, everything below 70 is classified by Google as the lowest ranking sites, which means that fighting competition in the current state of the site is impossible. This rating implies up to 50% lower site ranking for all keywords than it should naturally be (naturally implies without any investment in link building and Google advertising that is necessary to occupy the desired positions)

How does a properly distributed link juice looks now see in the picture below. The link depth is reduced by half, and the number of pages that can be indexed corresponds to the number of pages we want to index

You can see what the report looks like after optimizing the link juice in the pictures below. The SEO rating was doubled due to the optimizing of the link juice. The overall rating of the site was also improved by 20 points. The implementation of SSL certificates also improved the security of the site.
The difference is big and managed to index all its products and categories. What follows is optimization of all pages and better positioning on Google for all its categories and products.

If you need the development, professional advice or SEO optimization of your online store, contact us. There are professionals in the SEO Rocketman team who can always help you.

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